Plastic Value

PlasticValue drives the paradigm to
switch from plastic as a waste
to a valuable resource.

Plastic Value is dedicated to addressing the challenges associated with plastic waste, particularly focusing on sectors with higher circularity potential. Annually, a staggering 25 million tons of plastic waste is generated, with recycling managing to address less than a third of this environmental concern. The long-term solution involves not only reducing plastic production and usage but also adopting innovative approaches to recycling. The project emphasizes recycling plastics through co-creation and co-design, involving professionals in innovation, manufacturing, and recycling fields.

In addition to assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in becoming more circular, Plastic Value aims to provide updated learning programs to vocational education and training (VET) bodies. These programs are designed to address the challenges posed by the circular economy. The project primarily targets professionals engaged in innovation, production, and transformation-related areas, extending its impact to include SME managers. Moreover, Plastic Value aims to raise awareness among SME staff, offering specific guidelines to facilitate the transition and consolidate circular economy principles.

To achieve its goals, Plastic Value employs a blended learning methodology that encourages a work-based learning approach, enhancing the participants’ learning process. The project seeks to support (C-)VET by providing a ready-to-use and validated learning program, accompanied by guidelines on seamlessly integrating it into initial (intermediate and higher level) VET curricula. Through these comprehensive efforts, Plastic Value endeavors to bridge existing gaps, overcome challenges, and harness the full potential of circular economy opportunities.